2019-2020 Biennium Budget

The City of Mill Creek is now developing the 2019-2020 biennium budget.

Budget Development Process
An image of the budget development process documentPer state law, the City Manager must submit the recommended “balanced” biennial budget to Council by the first business day in November. The proposed budget needs to address all fiscal issues - including revenues, expenditures, and service levels. The City Council will consider the City Manager’s recommended budget, provide ample opportunity for public input, make modifications as they deem necessary, and adopt the final budget in advance of the beginning of the ensuing biennium.

The adopted budget serves as a financial planning and policy document for use by the community, staff, and Council members. The staff’s mission is to prepare the best information possible - including the detailed impact of choices related to fiscal issues, along with program costs and levels of service. Armed with this information and assisted by public input, the Council can make well-informed decisions that ensure the continuance of good public policy in Mill Creek.

Learn more about the approach and responsibilities for developing the budget. (Downloads a PDF)

Desired Budget Outcomes
Interim City Manager presented Desired Budget Outcomes to the City Council for review and feedback at its July 24, 2018, meeting. The Council provided input and the document was finalized. The Desired Budget Outcomes will guide development of the 2019-2020 Budget.

View the Desired Budget Outcomes. (Downloads a PDF)

Coming Soon: Your Opportunity for Feedback
Stay tuned!