Art & Beautification Board

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Duties & Responsibilities
The Art and Beautification Board serves as an advisory board to the City Council on matters regarding:
  • Design of landscaping for City rights of way, medians, entrances, and other public facilities and City-owned properties
  • Special events and projects to enhance the aesthetics and beauty within and business areas of the City
  • Utilization of the Municipal Art Fund
  • Selection and acquisition of artwork obtained for the City and for all municipal buildings
  • Construction projects; To the extent feasible, the board should be active during preliminary design or construction phases of municipal project to assure orderly integration of artwork into the City.
The Art and Beautification Board meets at 4 p.m. on the second Wednesday of each month at City Hall South, located at 15728 Main St., Mill Creek, WA.

Members shall be residents. Terms last three years and expire October 31.
  • Matt Buchanan - Chair
  • John Steckler - Council Representative
  • Jeanne Smart
  • Benjamin Briles 
  • Paula Dickman
  • Michelle Edwards


Preserving Mill Creek’s History
Work is now underway on a project to preserve Mill Creek’s history – one decade at a time.

Earlier this year, the Art and Beautification Board began discussing art projects to enhance the City’s culture. One idea rose to the top and has gained traction this year due to a grant from the Snohomish County Historic Preservation Commission Community Heritage Program. It is to create a timeline of the City as a work of art.

Residents are encouraged to submit memorable moments in Mill Creek’s history for possible inclusion using the form below.
Idea Submission Form

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Please provide a description of the key dates / moments in Mill Creek's history that you want to be considered for this project. Please be sure to provide a date or decade in which the event happened (e.g., April 30, 1984, or 1980s).

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