Park & Recreation Board

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The Park and Recreation Board serves as an advisory board to the City Council and the administrative staff concerning the following matters:
  • Acquisition of park and recreation facilities
  • Development, design, and operation of park and recreation programming and facilities
  • Facility use fees and procedures
  • Park, playfield, and facility design
  • Capital improvement planning
  • Concessions
  • Contracts, interlocal agreements, and lease agreements regarding park and recreation activities
  • Recommended annual budget for the acquisition, development, and operation of park and recreation facilities and programs

The Park and Recreation Board meets at 5 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month via Zoom or at Mill Creek City Hall South, located at 15728 Main St. in Mill Creek

Members shall be residents of the City of Mill Creek. Board terms last three years and expire October 31.

  • Bridget Casey, Chair - Exp. 2022
  • Tannis Golebiewski, Vice Chair - Exp. 2024
  • Michael Bauer - Exp. 2023
  • Jeff Doan - Exp. 2024
  • James Erlewine - Exp. 2022
  • Tyler Hogan - Exp. 2023
  • Peter Lalic - Exp. 2022
  • Vince Cavaleri, City Council Representative
  • Scott Harder & Jody Hawkins, Staff Liaisons