Block Party Trailer

Image of a neighborhood partyThe City of Mill Creek believes in a City where everyone works together to foster an exceptional community experience were neighborhoods flourish. We are helping neighbors come together and connect with one another through neighborhood block parties. 

Host Your Own Block Party
The City of Mill Creek has a Block Party Trailer that is available for resident use. This trailer is stocked with supplies needed to host a block party in your neighborhood. Just add food, drinks and your neighbors and you have yourself a block party!
  • 20 Folding Chairs
  • 8 - 8' Banquet Tables
  • 2 - Large Coolers
  • 2 - Water Coolers
  • 10 - Traffic Cones
  • Safety Equipment (First Aid Kit, Fire Extinguisher and Cleaning Supplies.) 
  • Games: Bean Bag Toss, Giant Jenga, Giant Connect Four, Parachute, Ladder Toss, Sidewalk Chalk and more!
What is a Block Party?
A block party is a gathering of residents from a particular neighborhood for the purpose of building relationships and fostering community. 

Block parties can include: the closing of a single residential city street; the availability of food, music and refreshments; and activities and games. 

Block parties DO NOT include: loud music; alcohol on public streets, sidewalks or other City property; unknown or uninvited guests; mandatory cover charges; closure of more than one street; any activities that could result in City code violations; more attendees than the permitted number; any activities that violates the block party permit; or any illegal or unsafe activity or behavior.
An image of the trailer loaded with suppliesReservations, Application, Delivery, Fees and Insurance
Reservations for the block party trailer are for a first come, first served basis. To place a reservation you must submit the Trailer Reservation Form (below) to the Communications and Marketing Department.

Permit. You must submit an application for a Special Event Permit if you will be closing your street for the block party or impacting a public right of way. Please download and fill out the application, and return it to

Deposit. The trailer has no use fee. However, rental of the Block Party Trailer does require a refundable deposit of $150. 

Delivery. Once approved for the trailer and deposit has been received, it is yours for the designated weekend. City staff will drop it off at the requested location on Friday afternoon and pick it back up on Monday morning. The drop-off area must be large enough to accommodate the 7' x 14' trailer. The hitch area must remain clear for pick-up on the following Monday as well.
Photo of Block Party Trailer
Insurance. Residents must submit a copy of their individual home -OR- Home Owners Association policy to cover the trailer and supplies inside the trailer. In the event that the trailer or supplies are damaged while in possession of the resident/HOA, a claim would be filed with their insurance provider. The City may require that you provide commercial general liability insurance in a minimum amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence with the City named an additional insured on the policy for the duration of the special event. The amount of insurance required depends on the nature of the event.

A big thank-you to our sponsors!Sponsors
Thank you to our sponsors who made this trailer possible!
  • Community Transit
  • Windermere Real Estate Mill Creek
  • Mill Creek Rotary
  • Mill Creek Chamber of Commerce
  • The Goddard School
  • WMST Drive

Block Party Trailer Application

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Event Address:

Date of Block Party:

Alternate Date of Block Party (in case date is already taken):

Home Owners Association Event? Yes     No

If an HOA  event, who is the HOA contact?

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