Map Your Neighborhood

 Map Your Neighborhood Map Your Neighborhood workshops in Mill Creek will provide the surrounding community with survival tips about how pulling together as a neighborhood can save lives when disaster strikes.

If the ‘Big One’ struck five minutes from now, would you, your loved ones, and your pets survive? How would you or your children get home if you’re not there? If you’re hurt, who would help?

The remaining 2019 workshops are scheduled for the following dates: 
  • Aug. 20, 2019
  • Nov. 27, 2019
The workshops will take place in City Hall South, Council Chambers, 15728 Main St. in Mill Creek.

These questions and more will be answered at free Map Your Neighborhood workshops in Mill Creek. The workshops provide Mill Creek residents and people from surrounding area neighborhoods with other survival tips about how pulling together as a neighborhood can save lives when disaster strikes.

If a massive disaster strikes, you and your family’s best chance of survival is with your neighbors helping neighbors. Map Your Neighborhood training is one of the best ways to be alerted to the danger and to learn how to prepare to survive.

The 90-minute Map Your Neighborhood workshop covers the first nine steps to take immediately following a disaster and teaches people how to work with their neighbors to identify safety hazards, including gas explosions, potential fires, water main shutoffs and other safety concerns. Neighborhoods that are prepared for emergencies and disaster situations can save lives, reduce the severity of injuries and trauma, and reduce property damage.

Since the Map Your Neighborhood program was started in Mill Creek’s Huckleberry neighborhood some four years ago, 14 of the roughly 46 Mill Creek Community Association divisions, plus more than 100 members of the Mill Creek Women’s Club and attendees at the MCCA Annual Meeting, along with numerous individuals have received training, giving the City upwards of 350 disaster-trained people.

Police and fire resources will be swamped during a disaster. Residents need to be prepared to survive without electricity, water, and other services for as much as six weeks. Such can be gained through this initial Map Your Neighborhood workshop. City of Mill Creek trainers can help provide individual neighborhood assistance as needed.
These free events are open to all residents living in and around the City of Mill Creek.

For more information, or for specialized training in your neighborhood, please contact Map Your Neighborhood Trainer and Police Chaplain Nick Lewis by email or (425) 921-5775.

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