2021 Complete Streets Pedestrian Improvements

(April 2022) This project has been completed!


The 2021 Complete Streets Pedestrian Improvements Project constructed pedestrian improvements at three locations in Mill Creek:

A New Mid-Block Crosswalk and Pedestrian Ramps on 136th Street SE

This project item and area completed construction of a new mid-block crosswalk crossing 136th Street SE between athletic fields and nearby sidewalks and walking trails.  This area sees fairly significant pedestrian attempts to cross the street directly between the fields, and the nearest candidate for an intersection crosswalk is more than 200 feet away.

The new mid-block crosswalk includes ramps in the existing sidewalks, street striping and yield bars for cars, signs, and a short asphalt walkway to align a walking path with the new crosswalk.  The project installed solar-powered rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFBs).

New Sidewalk on Heatherwood Drive

This project item and area completed construction of approximately 230 feet of sidewalk along the south side of Heatherwood Drive.  No sidewalk currently exists for either side of Heatherwood Drive between North Creek Drive and Bothell-Everett Highway, requiring pedestrians to take a very long detour between these intersections to find a safe and accessible existing walking route.

Completion of the missing section between these two intersections provides a direct and accessible pedestrian connection to the residential neighborhoods, sports parks, and Swift Rapid Transit bus stops.  It also fills a missing school walk routes sidewalk for Heatherwood Middle School and Jackson High School.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Enhancements along North Creek Drive Shoulder
Along approximately 1200 feet of the west side of North Creek Drive, the project installed new fog-line raised pavement markings, additional signage, and stripping.  These features improve driver awareness of pedestrians and cyclists using the road shoulder along the west side of the street.  The area of roadway shoulder improvements begins at the Heatherwood apartment complex and Heatherwood YMCA, and ends at existing sidewalk located north of the Nature's Landing neighborhood and the Mill Creek Sports Park.