Crestview Village Phase II

A Preliminary Plat application to subdivide 3.2 acres located at 23rd Lane SE and 132nd Street SE, into 25 lots for single-family residential development.  The property is zoned Medium Density Residential, which allows up to 12 lots per acre.  The proposal also includes an internal access road, stormwater infrastructure, open space, and frontage improvements along 132nd Street SE.  Access to the site would be provided via 23rd Lane SE, which provides access to the existing adjacent Crestview Village residential development.

Site Plan

Hearing Examiner Decision
Audio from Public Hearing
Exhibit 25 Staff PowerPoint
Exhibit 24 Amendment to Staff Report
Exhibit 1 Staff Report
Exhibit 2 Land Use Application
Exhibit 3 Owner's Letter of Authorization
Exhibit 4 Project Narrative
Exhibit 5 Title Report
Exhibit 6 Existing Conditions Survey
Exhibit 7 Critical Areas Report and Buffer Averaging Plan
Exhibit 8 Preliminary Plat Map
Exhibit 9 Preliminary Grading and Utility Plan, TESC Plan, Road Profile and Section
Exhibit 10 Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
Exhibit 11 SEPA Checklist
Exhibit 12 Traffic Impact Analysis
Exhibit 13 Water and Sewer Availability Letter
Exhibit 14 Snohomish County PUD Comments
Exhibit 15 Preliminary Drainage Report
Exhibit 16 Geotechnical Report
Exhibit 17 Completeness Letter
Exhibit 18 Technical Review Committee Comments
Exhibit 19 MDNS
Exhibit 20 Engineering Review Memo
Exhibit 21 Traffic Review Memo
Exhibit 22 Environmental Review Memo
Exhibit 23 Public Hearing Notice and Affidavit of Publishing and Posting
Exhibit 26 Hearing Examiner Decision