Kazziep Preliminary Short Plat

Vicinity Map A Preliminary Short Plat application to subdivide 0.82 acres into three single-family residential lots.  A 50-foot landscaped roadway buffer will be provided adjacent to 132nd Street SE.  Access to the residential lots will be from a single private drive connecting to 27th Drive SE.  The proposal will be retaining and relocating the existing home and constructing associated storm drainage and other utilities to serve the three proposed homes.  
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Preliminary Approval
Attachment 1 - Preliminary Plat Map
Attachment 2 - Clearing and Grading Plans

Preliminary Short Plat
SEPA Checklist
Project Narrative
Preliminary Clearing & Grading, Storm & Utility Plans
Preliminary Drainage Report and Preliminary Drainage Plan
Geotechnical Report
Tree Preservation Plan

Vicinity Map