East Gateway Urban Village

Many residents in the neighborhoods surrounding the East Gateway Urban Village (EGUV) were involved in the original planning and visioning for the EGUV in 2007 - 2008. The EGUV is 52 acres south of 132nd between 35th Avenue SE and Seattle Hill Road that is zoned for a mixed-use urban village and is planned to be developed with a combination of residential, retail, and office. Adopted Illustrative Master Plan and Design Guidelines

Engineering Studies
The public infrastructure items such as the spine road alignment, traffic impacts, access points, storm drainage, and utilities will be major factors in how the EGUV develops. To provide uniform guidance to property owners and developers, the city has taken the lead on completing a preliminary engineering study and a 30% design report to address these items.

The preliminary engineering study was completed in November 2010, while the 30% design report took recent EGUV changes into account and was finalized in December 2012. The timeline and funding for the construction of the public infrastructure is still to be determined, and will depend on the nature of the development within the EGUV. You can also read more informational studies in the project fiscal analysis.

Vintage at Mill Creek Binding Site Plan
The proposal is for a Binding Site Plan to subdivide 3.96 acres for a mixed-use development consisting of two five-story buildings with ground floor commercial/retail and parking with residential units above. A total of 216 residential units and 15,539 square feet of commercial/retail are proposed. In addition, three single story garage buildings and the stormwater vault are proposed on the southern portion of the site adjacent to the existing single-family homes. Landscaping and open spaces are proposed as well as a 50-foot wide vegetated roadway buffer with sidewalk to be provided adjacent to 132nd Street SE. Access to the proposed development will be from 132nd Street SE and road connections are proposed to the west and east via a future public road.

On April 13, 2016, the Hearing Examiner conducted a public hearing to take testimony on the Binding Site Plan application for Vintage at Mill Creek.

Mill Creek EGUV, LLC (also know as Polygon Homes)
On June 26, 2013, the City's Hearing Examiner approved a proposal for 29,000 square feet of commercial area in three buildings, 122 townhomes / condominiums, and 180 apartments, and a public neighborhood park. The project also includes installation of a traffic signal at the 132nd Street and 44th Avenue intersection, construction of 44th Avenue south of 132nd Street to connect the development to the new signal and future adjacent properties. Construction on this development is well underway with the apartments completed and approximately half of the townhomes completed. Applications have been approved for the two commercial lots to construct a daycare (Primrose School) and a Dental / Retail Building.

On April 16, 2014, the Hearing Examiner conducted a public hearing to take testimony on a Conditional Use Permit application for the public park. Construction of this park is complete and Buffalo Park is now open to the public.
Gateway Building
The Gateway Building
The Gateway Building, located at 4220 132nd Street SE, was constructed in 2012 just west of the Advent Lutheran Church. 132nd Street Land Development built a 24,000 square foot, two story medical / office building that includes a parking lot, landscaping, and a plaza.

Only the northern portion of the site directly adjacent to 132nd Street SE has been developed at this time, leaving the adjacent two lots to the south available for development at a future date.