East Gateway Urban Village

The East Gateway Urban Village (EGUV) subarea is comprised of approximately 52 acres south of 132nd Street SE between 35th Avenue SE and Seattle Hill Road and is zoned for a mixed-use urban village.  The subarea is currently being developed with a combination of residential, retail, and office uses.  Many residents in the neighborhoods surrounding the EGUV were involved in the original planning and visioning for the EGUV subarea in 2007 - 2008.  At the time the Comprehensive Plan was amended to include the EGUV subarea and an Illustrative Master Plan.  It is important to understand that this plan is an architect's rendering of one of the ways this area could develop and not an adopted development plan.  As development occurs a specific plan is proposed for an individual parcel, which must be compliant with the Comprehensive Plan policies and the Development Code regulations, as well as the subarea Design Guidelines.  Thus, the actual site layout for the EGUV is different than the original Illustrative Master Plan.   Illustrative Master Plan and Design Guidelines

Engineering Studies
The public infrastructure items such as the spine road alignment, traffic impacts, access points, storm drainage, and utilities will be major factors in how the EGUV develops. To provide uniform guidance to property owners and developers, the city has taken the lead on completing a preliminary engineering study and a 30% design report to address these items.  A second report was completed in 2012 to address infrastructure improvements and alignment - EGUV Infrastructure Schematic Design Report.

The preliminary engineering study was completed in November 2010, while the 30% design report took recent EGUV changes into account and was finalized in December 2012. The timeline and funding for the construction of the public infrastructure is still to be determined, and will depend on the nature of the development within the EGUV. You can also read more informational studies in the project fiscal analysis.

Completion of the Spine Road

The EGUV subarea plan was designed with internal access provided via a “Spine Road.” Several parcels in the East Gateway Urban Village have developed or are proposed for development and construction of the “Spine Road” has been a condition of approval for these developments. Right-of-way was dedicated as part of the approval of the Polygon Apartments/Townhome development, the Gateway Building, the Vintage and The Farm (currently under construction). See map below that shows the missing road sections in red that the City Council recognizes are needed to provide circulation and access between the 39th Avenue SE and 44th Avenue SE signalized intersections consistent with the adopted plans for the EGUV. 

A transportation project to complete the “Spine Road” from 39th Ave SE to 44th Ave SE was included in the 2019-2024 Capital Improvement Plan. The project costs include appraisals, review of appraisals, and partial right-of-way purchase (needed at two parcels). A 72 foot right-of-way width is needed for the "Spine Road." Although funding is identified for the purchase of the right-of-way in 2019, construction to complete the Spine Road does not have funds committed. For further details on this project see the 2019-2024 Capital Improvement Plan.

Links to additional information about projects that have been completed to date:
The Meadows - 180 apartments
The Towns at Mill Creek - 122 condominiums
Primrose School - 12,000 sq. ft. preschool
Medical / Office Building - 6,500 sq. ft. office
Buffalo Park - City park.

#2, #3, and #5
Advent Lutheran Church - existing church
The Gateway Building - 24,000 sq. ft. office
Vintage at Mill Creek - Mixed-Use, 15,539 ground floor retail & 216 senior apartments.

The Farm at Mill Creek - Mixed-Use,100,000 square feet of retail/commercial uses, and 355 residential apartments.

Should you have any questions regarding this project please contact, Christi Schmidt, Senior Planner at 425-921-5738 or by email at [email protected].