Mill Creek Boulevard Sub-Area Plan

An image from a flyer for the Mill Creek Blvd project advisory committeeOverview

The City is conducting a planning study for the Mill Creek Boulevard Corridor. The study, once completed, will establish a long-term vision for land use and transportation that can be implemented over the next five to 20 years.  If any new land uses result from the plan, they would be implemented if and when property owners decide to redevelop their properties. The study also will identify short-term needs for this corridor, including lighting, surface water infrastructure repairs, North Creek Trail improvements, and pavement preservation needs. The study is being prepared by Otak Consulting under the direction of City Planning Manager Tom Rogers, AICP.  

Driving the City’s interest in this area is the desire to proactively prepare for the eventual redevelopment of the Mill Creek Boulevard Corridor, taking into account the potential opportunities that result from the arrival of the Community Transit Swift Green Line last March and the potential of a Swift Orange Line arriving in 2024. These bus rapid transit lines will bring more people into the City – particularly to the Mill Creek Blvd. corridor – and connect the City directly to light rail, which will run to Seattle and beyond.

A significant part of the planning effort is soliciting input from stakeholders including the property and business owners in the vicinity, City residents, Community Transit, Snohomish County, the Mill Creek Chamber of Commerce, the Town Center Business Association, and the City’s Volunteer Boards and Commissions.

What’s Happened So Far?

  • The City assembled and convened a Project Advisory Committee (PAC) and held two meetings to get members oriented to the project and to begin thinking about what a long-term vision for the subarea would look like.  Initial discussions included: 1) What do we like about the area and what could be improved? 2) What physical challenges are there to redeveloping the property?  3) Should the existing land uses remain unchanged, or are there other uses that may also be appropriate?  4) What land uses are feasible in the area from a market perspective?

  • The City displayed information about the study at the Mill Creek Festival and comments and ideas were collected.

  • The consultant has been analyzing existing conditions in the subarea, as well as assessing potential market and economic opportunities.
  • Property owners in the Mill Creek Boulevard Corridor were contacted to learn about any long-term plans for their property and to gather their ideas and input on possibilities for the future.  This is especially important because the plan will need to be supported by the property owners to be successful.
  • The public and stakeholder workshop series were held in late September/early October, including a workshop for the general public .

  • At the workshops, participants were briefed about the purpose of the plan asked their opinion on what should happen if the properties are redeveloped.  Should the allowed land uses be changed, or should they remain the same?  What infrastructure facilities should be added, improved, or changed?

What’s Happening Next?

  • Information about the physical opportunities and challenges to redevelopment of the properties in the corridor is being gathered to determine what type of development is possible or practical.  
  • Once this initial input and data is received the team will frame some alternative long-term land use scenarios and analyze those over the late fall/early winter 2019-2020.

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For more information about the project, download the project information sheet.

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