Mill Creek Boulevard subarea plan

Planning for our Future 
Planning is vital to the success of any city. The Mill Creek Boulevard subarea plan follows in the footsteps of our award-winning Mill Creek Town Center project. Planning for Town Center included more
than ten years of research, studies, goal setting, community workshops,  committees, and working with developers before the first building opened in 2004. Now, the City is applying the same successful process to guide us through this next phase, planning for the Mill Creek Boulevard (MCB) subarea. 

Gateway to Town Center
By doing this type of long-range planning to develop the Mill Creek Blvd. subarea, we can address other needs that have emerged over the years. For example, one of the city's main gateways is 164th, but people entering Mill Creek off of 164th do not have an obvious or welcoming path to Town Center. By encouraging desirable redevelopment and extending the look and feel of Town Center to Mill Creek Blvd., we have the opportunity to create a new Southern Gateway.

Artist rendering