2019 Summer Construction

The City’s Public Works crew and contractors will conduct several projects this summer that are visible to the public and may impact traffic or pedestrians.

Exploration Park Construction.
Work is currently underway at Exploration Park to transform it into a beautiful and functional neighborhood park. Construction is expected to wrap up in early fall. The park is closed to the public during construction and is fenced off. The work will take place during daytime hours, and may have limited noise due to excavators and construction vehicles. Learn more about this project.
An image of a marked sidewalk
Street Pavement Markings. Work will begin the week of May 19  to refresh pavement markings on City arterials and collector routes (those roadways that help move traffic from local streets to arterials), as well as in some neighborhoods. This includes yellow center lines, white fog lines, crosswalk bars, bike symbols and other pavement markings. In addition, some raised pavement markers will be installed, including replacing some that were removed during snow removal efforts. The City also is coordinating with the Washington State Dept. of Transportation to conduct similar work on SR 96 (132nd Street SE) and SR 527 (Bothell-Everett Hwy), though their timeline is unclear. Traffic control and flaggers will be provided during work as needed and will ensure traffic flow. Please avoid driving over fresh paint, as it could splatter onto vehicles. The project will take about six weeks to complete. Initial work will be done at night between 8 p.m. and 5 a.m.

Concrete Shaving on Sidewalks. The perennial work to smooth out tripping hazards along City sidewalks will begin the week of May 13. The cement’s ridges are ground down where sidewalks have lifted up over roots or settled with the ground. More than 60 sites will be addressed around the City. The work is expected to take three days. In the meantime, sidewalk hazards have been spray painted for easy identification to help people avoid tripping.

An image of a surface water projectSurface Water Infrastructure Repairs. The largest project the City is undertaking this summer is repair or replacement of larger surface water pipes that are considered “F failures” – meaning the pipe is ruptured and its potential failure could have a negative effect on life and/or property, pose a risk of environmental damage, or would obstruct access to critical infrastructure. Twenty F grade faults around the City will be repaired starting in early July. Of the pipes to be repaired, a handful will be handled by other utility providers that inadvertently impacted the stormwater pipes. The repairs are generally surgical and localized in nature, meaning that only a section of pipe will need to be addressed at each site. Surface water infrastructure repairs will be ongoing over the next several years. The City will keep the public notified as it works in specific neighborhoods. Learn more about this work (opens a PDF).