Grind Overlay work The engineering division is responsible for the review, design, and construction of the city's roadway, traffic, and stormwater infrastructure system. This includes work associated with both private land development and city construction projects in the approved Capital Improvement Plan.

Right-of-Way Permits
The city engineer administers all Right of Way permits within the city. In accordance with MCMC Section 12.04, a permit is required for any activity that could impact the public right of way. This includes work such as a driveway replacement, major landscaping next to sidewalks and curbs, utility connections, land development projects, and applies to all streets and state highways within the city limits.

Apply for a Right of Way Use permit online through

Traffic Calming Program
A frequent request from citizens is for the city's Traffic Calming Program. In July 2006, the City Council adopted a formal Traffic Calming Program to address citizen complaints regarding traffic related concerns. This includes some of the more typical issues of speeding cars and requests for speed bumps or stop signs. The program consists of a phased approach to ensure the proper solution is used to solve the problem, and certain criteria must be met at each stage.

ADA Compliance and Transition Plan
The American Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 requires all public agencies with more than 50 employees to create and implement a transition plan to ensure compliance with applicable ADA requirements, and to create steps to ensure all public pedestrian facilities are accessible to persons with disabilities wherever feasible.