Canyon Creek Church BSP

An image of the vinicity mapThe Conditional Use and Binding Site Plan application submitted by Canyon Creek Church proposes to demolish the existing 13,432 square foot church building and construct a new facility on the western portion of the site. The proposed development includes a 24,000 square foot building and parking for 174 vehicles. Associated infrastructure includes parking, stormwater facilities, landscaping and the required emergency vehicle access around the buildings. No impact to the off-site wetland or on-site buffer is proposed. Access to the site will be from the existing driveway along 35th Avenue SE. Senior Planner Christi Amrine is the staff contact on this project. If you have any questions, please call her at 425-921-5738 or contact her via email at

Project is currently under construction.

Hearing Examiner Decision
Hearing Examiner Audio Recording

Staff Report
Exhibit 1b - Preliminary Binding Site Plan