City Hall Council Chambers

The City of Mill Creek Council Chambers are located in City Hall South, 15728 Main St. in Mill Creek. This is a is a beautiful meeting room providing tables and chairs for up to 74 people. The City of Mill Creek offers use of Council Chambers for meetings to the following groups:
  • Government jurisdictions
  • Mill Creek 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations (documentation required)
  • Mill Creek Homeowner Associations
  • Private school use
  • Ad-hoc groups of Mill Creek residents
Rates & Deposit
Rentals are hourly and can be extended in 15 minute increments. Set-up and clean-up time need to be factored into the rental time. See rates, which are set by priority user group: Facility Rental Policy and Rates.

There is a $75 refundable damage deposit due at time of rental.

No food or drinks except water allowed in room. Alcohol, marijuana, narcotic drugs or smoking are prohibited on City property.

Need Additional Information?
Phone 425-551-7254
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City Hall North Conference Room (max 16):

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