Three Oaks Preliminary Plat

ExA Preliminary Plat application to subdivide 2.36 acres into eight singVicinity Maple-family residential lots.  Access to the property will be from a private road connecting to Seattle Hill Road.  The proposal also includes onsite parking, and associated storm drainage and other utility construction to serve the future project.

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Project Status:  Preliminary Approval has been granted, waiting on Civil Plan Approval, Design Review Board Approval and Final Approval.

Hearing Examiner Decision
Hearing Examiner Audio
Staff Report - Exhibit 1
Land Use Application - Exhibit 2
Owner's Letter of Authorization - Exhibit 3
Project Narrative - Exhibit 4
Title Report - Exhibit 5
Existing Features Survey - Exhibit 6
Tree Retention Plan - Exhibit 7
Preliminary Plat Map - Exhibit 8
Traffic Impact Analysis - Exhibit 9
Water and Sewer Availability - Exhibit 10
Preliminary Clearing and Grading Plans - Exhibit 11
Preliminary Drainage Report - Exhibit 12
Geotechnical Report - Exhibit 13
Completeness Letter - Exhibit 14
TRC Comments Letter - Exhibit 15
MDNS with SEPA Checklist - Exhibit 16
Perteet Comments with Omega Response - Exhibit 17
Public Hearing Notice - Exhibit 18