Communications Survey

Help us improve the way we communicate, connect and engage with our residents and businesses in the City of Mill Creek. Thank you!
City Communications Survey



Do you live in the City of Mill Creek? Yes No

Do you follow what is happening in the City of Mill Creek?Yes No

Which sources do you use (or wish you could use) when seeking information about the City of Mill Creek? Check all that apply.

Bulletin Boards

City Connection Magazine

City Website

Council Meeting Materials

Direct Mail

Everett Herald

Facebook --> City's Facebook Other Facebook


Mill Creek Beacon

Mill Creek Lifestyles

Mill Creek Living

Mill Creek View

News of Mill Creek


Public Meetings


Other: Please identify:


If you had to choose ONE social media platform on which to get City news, it would be:





Other: Please identify:


Which Department(s) do you seek information from? Check all that apply.

Administration (City Manager)

 Communications and Marketing (includes Recreation and Tourism)

Finance (includes Passport Services)

Human Resources


Public Works and Development Services

Other: Please Identify:


City Hall is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday (and 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday for Passport Services). Do you find these hours adequate?  Yes No N/A - Have never visited City Hall


If you have visited City Hall before, what was your reason?

City Council, Board, Commission or Focus Group Meeting

Code Enforcement Issue

Community Meeting

Contacting Police

Event (e.g., Tree Lighting)

Passport Services


Private Event (Room Rental)

Public Hearing

Recreational Program

Other: Please Identify:


Do you feel that the City of Mill Creek currently does a good job of communicating with the public?

Yes No Neutral


I think the City does a good job communicating about:


I think the City could do a better job communicating about:


Other ways I think the City could improve communications:



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