2021 Grade C Stormwater Pipe Repair Project

(June 2022)  Much of the work for this project has been completed.  Due to excessively wet and other unexpected conditions in three pipe sections this past winter, the remaining work has been paused and will resume during late July or early August, 2022.

Please check back here for more information and updates!

Find the plan Drawings for this project here: 2021 Grade C Stormwater Pipe Repair Plans


Residents near the work will hear noise during the weekday work days from a vacuum/vactor truck used used to clean the pipes. The contractor will have their trucks parked on the sides of the street while working.

The contractor will open lids and grates in order to physically access to the pipes to complete the repair work.  Work areas will be cordoned off with cones and other safety equipment to warn street users away from work areas.


As part of the Aging and Failing Infrastructure Capital Program, the City is rehabilitating existing stormwater pipes 18 inches and larger throughout the City.  This work will help correct pipe sections that are wearing out faster than their intended operational life and extend the time before more costly and disruptive replacement is required.

Pipes not in need of immediate replacement, but were showing signs of faster wear than normal, were given a grade "C" during a 2018-2019 study of City pipe camera from 2012-2017.  A program of annual rehabilitation activities is planned from 2020 to approximately 2027, in addition to areas of failed pipe replacement during 2019.

This year's pipe rehabilitation work will include 2,485 lineal feet of cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) and 15 small areas of sectional cured-in-place lining (SCIPL).  These methods involve slipping a liner tube into the existing pipe, pressing it against the pipe interior, and curing it to stick the liner uniformly to the interior storm pipe surface.  Repairs will include pipe under the the following neighborhoods and streets:

  • Heatherwood Road Vicinity
  • Heatherstone
  • Huckleberry
  • Springtree
  • Village Green Drive
  • Dumas Lane
  • Trillium Boulevard

City Council awarded the 2021 Grade C Stormwater Pipe Repair project to Allied Trenchless at the July 13, 2021 City Council meeting.  The contract awarded is valued at $ 413,875.00.