Virtual Resources K-8th Grade

Below is a list of some educational online learning resources to assist with at home virtual learning.

Grades K-8th
Audubon for Kids- Nature activities, DIY, Lessons for home
Adventures in Art Project: 
Puzzle the Giraffe Directions.pdfPuzzle the Giraffe Illustratred Diagram _Carrot.pdf, and Puzzle the Giraffe.pdf
America's Car Museum in Tacoma- Fuel for Home
BBC History for Kids
BrainPOP- Animated Educational Site for Kids

Burke Museum- Curriculum packets and science activities. Learn About Plants Booklet.
Curriculum Associates
Duolingo Foreign Language
Fire Department Home School Lessons
FunBrain- Worksheets and games
KidLitTV- Explore the world of children's literature
Learning Games for Kids
Learning Resources from Snohomish STEM
Lowes DIY Kid Projects

National Geographic Kids
Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids- Stories and activities
Pacific Science Center- Curiosity at Home
ParentMap- Educational activities for Pre-K to 5th grade

PBS Kids
Sno-Isle Kid Resources

All School Age
Audible Stories- Free Audio Books- No Login Required
Book Clubs with Mill Creek Library

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt- Learning and classroom solutions
Khan Activities for Kids- Remote learning support and activities
KiwiCo- Parent Toolkit Resources and Science Activities
Learn to Code Online
Michael's- Craft projects for everyone
Sno-Isle Library Online Resources for books, movies, storytime, ebook library, and more
STEM Learning Resources- Online resources from WSU Extension
Varsity Tutors
Wide Open School- Distance learning resources

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