City Seeking Proposals for New Website

The City of Mill Creek is seeking proposals from an experienced website design firm to redesign, develop and  implement a new design for the City's website. Please see the Request for Proposal here
RFP City of Mill Creek Website Questions and Answers:
  1. We notice you currently use CivicLive. Does your staff have a preferred content management system with which they are already familiar and at-ease? The City is open to work with other content management systems.
  1. Are you looking to move from CivicPlus or are you obligated to bid out the project every few years? If looking to move, it would help to know what issues your team has faced with CivicPlus. The City is open to work with other content management systems.
  2. What e-commerce functionality do you want to be able to integrate? Are there specific software packages? There are no specific packages the City has identified.  The City expects to work collaboratively to identify and design the website to meet our e-commerce needs.
  3. Are there other specific third-party software packages you wish to integrate? The City expects to work collaboratively to blueprint potential software packages within the website. We understand there may be some challenges or obstacles.
  4. Regarding "full integration" of asset/work management software, there are many options and methods for doing so that are best fit to each vendor. Would you be able to provide a shortlist of systems/solutions currently under evaluation? Not at this time.
  5. Noting that dial-up connections should be supported, what is the minimum version of each browser that should be supported? Typically, we officially support the last two stable browser versions that are supported by their developers. Visualized:, however, we do use industry-standard best practices, so older, unsupported browsers will likely be mostly compatible. The City uses the latest version of Internet Explorer.
  6. Do you have an agreement with your current provider for exporting content in a structured format for implementation into another CMS? If not, does CivicLive/SitePublish offer structured data export functionality? No and the City is unaware of the vendors capability.
  7. Does the City have a budget for this project and ongoing maintenance? The City will assign a Budget after the City receives and evaluates the proposals.
  8. What is the “Asset/Work Management software” referred to? Can you provide more description of this? Is this a separate solicitation? The City will separately source the software and add a link to the employee portal on the website.
  9. Will the city be responsible for providing content (written, graphics, logos, etc) for the website? Do you require any design services? The City will provide the content and graphics. The City will require web design services.
  10. What is the budget for this project? The City will assign a budget after proposals are received.
  11. Can you clarify as to whether a hosting service is required? The City will host the website on a secure government server.
  12. Do you have a preferred content management system (CMS)? Not at this time.