Mill Creek Sports Park - Freedom Field

Freedom FieldFreedom Field
Situated among the evergreen trees on Bothell-Everett Highway this beautiful sports park features a 64,000 square foot lighted field turf play surface suitable for little league baseball/softball or soccer play. Located adjacent to the field is a well-maintained 10,000 square foot lighted concrete skateboard park with many box features and a bowl. A concession stand completes the park with an announcer's booth to call all the action on the field and restrooms for park patrons.

Renting Freedom Field
Field may be rented for one-time use, camps, league practices, games and tournaments. Throughout the year, several Mill Creek sports leagues utilize the field for practices and games on a daily basis. If you are a league interested in multiple days, please download the fillable Application Packet and follow instructions.

Before inquiring, check the calendar to see if your dates are available. 

Second Priority Users:
Use will be granted to leagues, organizations, clubs and groups based in Mill Creek or with 51% or more of the participants
residing within the city limits of Mill Creek.

Third Priority Users:
Use will be granted to leagues, organizations, clubs and groups with participants being composed of less than 51% City of
Mill Creek residents.
Resident Outdoor
Athletic Facility
(hourly rates)
Adult Youth
Camps with
Baseball / Softball
Field, Modified
Soccer Field
$50 $22 $28 Youth $35
Adult $57 
Field Lights $20 $15 $20 $20

Unscheduled Use
Unscheduled use may occur as long as such use does not interfere with scheduled use, field maintenance or field closures. Unscheduled use must be non-league use, with no coaching/instruction, players in uniforms or officials.  Informal “sand lot/backyard” games among friends or neighborhood residents are examples of non-league use.

Mill Creek Sports Park Use Policy
Please review this full policy; field and concession stand users are responsible for adhering to it.
• Individual teams may reserve field space according to priority categories and will be considered on a first come, first served basis after Block Time is allocated. Applications must be submitted three days prior to scheduled field use.
• Field reservations for individual groups are non-refundable except as stated in item 6.5.4.
• Field reservation users shall provide a Certificate of Insurance to the City prior to use (please read policy)
• Pets are prohibited on the artificial turf field and the dugouts.
• Smoking, marijuana and tobacco use are prohibited at Mill Creek Sports Park.
• Metal cleats or spikes are prohibited.
• League teams may not use ball fields unless pre-scheduled.
• Users shall not sublease the fie

Freedom Field Highlights

• 60' diamond
• 245' to outfield fencing (seasonal/temporary)
• Concrete dugouts
• Scoreboard (arranged before season)
• PA System
• LED lighting
• Soccer field dimensions: 225' x 135'
• Park hours 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Concession Stand Rental
Please contact the Recreation Office if you are interested in renting the Concession Stand.

Questions or Information

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