Boards and Commissions

Community Service
The City of Mill Creek values the residents who volunteer their time to serve on these boards and commissions. The contribution made by the members has helped make Mill Creek the great city it is today.

What is the role of the boards and commissions in the city?
Volunteer boards and commissions are a huge resource for the City. These groups serve our community by advising policy makers and providing essential support to City programs and activities. Most boards and commissions are advisory to the City Manager and/or City Council and work closely with other organizations in Mill Creek. This provides an avenue for communication to occur between community members and elected City officials, which allows both to gain unparalleled insight and work together.

What role do volunteers play on the boards and commissions?
Volunteers are what make our boards and commissions possible. Our volunteers bring a variety of different backgrounds, perspectives and experience together to form a cohesive yet diverse group that works on a wide array of issues. Through providing many different boards and commissions, we are able to meet the needs of our community in a proactive way.

What do you see as the biggest benefits for volunteers who engage with your organization?
The biggest benefit for our volunteers is the opportunity to be an active part of the public process. In these volunteer roles, members are given an inside look into local government and how democracy is cultivated. Another benefit is the ability to serve their community. Our boards and commissions members are communication liaisons between elected officials and the community.

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