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Encampments & Camping Within City Limits (09/29/2023)
The City of Mill Creek is dedicated to providing a clean, safe, and well-maintained city for all our residents to enjoy. We appreciate your support in keeping our community safe and clean for all of our residents. Safety is the City’s number one priority which takes a balanced enforcement approach to handling unauthorized encampments while supporting those individuals who are experiencing homelessness. How the City addresses camping within City limits depends on whether camping is happening on private property or public property. Read more...

Missing Middle Housing Clarification (09/12/2023)
Various stories about Mill Creek's Middle Housing Study have recently circulated throughout our community, including print, online, and social media. During the September 5th, 2023 City Council meeting, Mayor Brian Holtzclaw and others addressed questions and concerns from residents about Middle Housing and House Bill 1110. Read the City Council Agenda Summary
Watch and listen to the September 5, 2023 City Council meeting.