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Freedom Field (2/28/2022)
No drop in use of Freedom Field is allowed during scheduled events.
Mill Creek Little League and other organizations currently have the field rented every weekday from 4:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. on weekends. This includes the field beyond the fence. Please respect these leagues during these times.

Unscheduled use must be non-league use, with no coaching/instruction, players in uniforms or officials.  Informal “sand lot/backyard” games among friends or neighborhood residents are examples of non-league use. Field may be rented for one-time use, camps, league practices, games and tournaments. 

See calendar display along 3rd baseline for scheduled events.

Road Maintenance (2/11/2022)
After the snowstorm of December 2021, the City found roads and raised pavement markers (RPMs or turtles) that suffered damage or loss, followed by the development of potholes.

Along state highways such as Bothell-Everett Highway, WSDOT is responsible for repairing potholes and installing and maintaining lane markers. Road repairs are a significant challenge this time of year with the inclement weather. As a result, WSDOT placed RPMs along designated lanes of 527 earlier this week.

The City of Mill Creek’s Public Works crew has been out repairing potholes throughout the city over the last few months and will continue fixing them as they are reported. In addition, crews are planning to replace the missing RPMs this Spring with drier weather.

Some temporary road patches installed by other utilities or contractors will be replaced during warmer weather as required by the Mill Creek Municipal code and current city street standards.
If you notice a pothole, please notify the City through the “Requests and Feedback" page.

Broadband Municipality
The City of Mill Creek has received requests to start a broadband municipality since Washington State has deregulated city broadband laws. The City of Mill Creek has more than one broadband carrier and recommends that residents use an online tool like this one to find a service that works for them. NOTE: Ziply recently purchased Frontier.

Starting a broadband municipality utility would cost the city and taxpayers an estimated 10 million to 60 million dollars and probably run as a non-profit.

Citizens still interested can contact the Snohomish County Broadband Action Team. They are a collaboration of stakeholders focused on identifying the need for broadband expansion, raising awareness, and developing strategies for addressing the need. 

Facebook Access (1/07/2022)
The City of Mill Creek is committed to making public information accessible promptly and to the broadest audience possible. The City uses various means to do this, most importantly, the cityofmillcreek.com website, which leads to its public information portal, Civic Web. From this portal, anyone can easily access information from City Council Meetings, including meeting agendas, meeting minutes, links to watch and virtually participate in City Council meetings, access to public information request forms, and more. Additionally, City staff shares important information via press releases such as this one, distributed to local media outlets for immediate release and published in the News section of the City's website.