Food Trucks

Mobile Food Vending

The process for obtaining authorization to operate a mobile food vending business in Mill Creek includes the following requirements.

Washington State Business LicensePhoto
Every business operating in the State of Washington is required to obtain a state business license. For additional information, visit the Washington State Department of Revenue Business Licensing Services website.

City of Mill Creek Business License
All City business licensing will be processed as an endorsement through the Department of Revenue Washington State .

Food Establishment License
All food businesses must obtain a license to operate a food establishment from Snohomish County Public Health.  

Labor & Industries Inspection
Mobile food vehicles will need to have a certificate of inspection by WA State Labor & Industries to ensure they meet health and safety standards, and a state permit is posted on each truck. 

Washington State Association of Fire Marshals (WSAFM) 
In order to operate a food truck either at an event or temporary location, the food truck will need to have an inspection completed by one of the departments participating in the Washington State Association of Fire Marshals (WSAFM) Food Truck / Mobile Food Preparation Vehicle inspection program.

Vending at Special Events
Mobile food vending during special events such as a festival, fair or concert must be approved by the event organizer prior to the event. Remember that permits are site-specific. This means that for any particular permit issued, the permittee may vend only from the location specified on the permit. Food trucks are not allowed at any City of Mill Creek public park.

Vending at a Temporary or Fixed Location
Food trucks operating in a temporary or fixed location allowed by the City of Mill Creek will be required to have an operational permit.  Food trucks may still be inspected at any time by the Fire Marshals or Deputy Fire Marshals.