The Learning Experience

An image of the vicinity mapThe Binding Site Plan application proposes a 10,000 square foot commercial daycare and learning facility on the western portion of an approximately 5 acre site located at 17512 Bothell-Everett Highway. The proposed development includes parking for 40 vehicles, a playground, stormwater facilities, and landscaping. Wetland buffer averaging and mitigation is proposed on-site. Senior Planner Christi Amrine is the staff contact on this project. If you have any questions, please call her at 425-921-5738 or contact her via email at

Project is currently under construction.

Hearing Examiner Decision
Hearing Examiner Audio Recording
Staff PowerPoint Presentation

Public Hearing Staff Report
Exhibit 1b Site Plan
Exhibit 2 - Land Use Application
Exhibit 3 - Owner's Letter of Authorization
Exhibit 4 - Project Narrative
Exhibit 5 - Title Report
Exhibit 6 - Tree Retention Plan
Exhibit 7 - Preliminary Landscape Plan
Exhibit 8 - Geotechnical Report
Exhibit 9 - Traffic Report
Exhibit 10 - Water and Sewer Availability Letter
Exhibit 11 - Preliminary Stormwater Management Plan
Exhibit 12 - Building Elevations
Exhibit 13 - Revised Critical Areas Assessment Report
Exhibit 14 - Notice of Development Application
Exhibit 15 - Completeness Letter
Exhibit 16 - Technical Review Committee Comments
Exhibit 17  - City's Wetland Review by ESA
Exhibit 18 - MDNS and SEPA
Exhibit 19 - Public Hearing Notice and Affidavit