Preserving Mill Creek's History

Work is now underway on a project to preserve Mill Creek’s history.

Thanks to a grant from the Snohomish County Historic Preservation Commission Community Heritage Program, the Art & Beautification Board identified five key themes to incorporate into a visual history of Mill Creek. These themes include:
  • Living Off the Land: A look at the area prior to development.
  • From Farms to a Planned Community: Showcases early settlers and the development of a planned community.
  • The Big Decision: Centers on the decision to incorporate.
  • A Place Called Home: Shares how the City became home with schools, shopping areas and other amenities.
  • Community Beyond Our Boundaries: Showcases what makes Mill Creek truly a community.
View the five panels (opens a PDF).

A web-based timeline is planned to incorporate more of the details of Mill Creek's history. For items to include on that timeline or feedback about the panels, please fill out the following form.
Idea Submission Form

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Please provide feedback on the developed panels. If you are submitting ideas for the online timeline, please provide a description of the key dates / moments in Mill Creek's history that you want to be considered for this project.

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