2022 Grade C Stormwater Pipe Rehabilitation

(June 2022) The City has contracted with Gray & Osborne, Inc. for design services for the 2022 continuation of this program.  Design work began in May 2022.  A construction schedule has not yet been determined, but is expected to take place during late 2022/early 2023.


Nothing at this point in time.  Please check back for future updates!


As part of the Aging and Failing Infrastructure Capital Program, the City is rehabilitating existing stormwater pipes 18 inches and larger throughout the City.  This work will help correct pipe sections that are wearing out faster than their intended operational life and extend the time before more costly and disruptive replacement is required.

Pipes not in need of immediate replacement, but were showing signs of faster wear than normal, were given a grade "C" during a 2018-2019 study of City pipe camera from 2012-2017.  A program of annual rehabilitation activities is planned from 2020 to approximately 2027, in addition to areas of failed pipe replacement during 2019.

Pipe rehabilitation work typically attempts to avoid costly and disruptive open-trench methods.  Instead, a combination of cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) liner and small, sectional cured-in-place lining (SCIPL) point repairs are used to line the interior of stormwater pipe showing signs of wear.

Links to the 2018 and 2019 study reports and maps can be found below:
2018 Citywide Storm Pipe Repair Memorandum:  2018 Citywide Pipe Repair Report
2018 Citywide Storm Pipe Repair Program Map:  2018 Citywide Storm Pipe Repair Map
2018 Citywide Storm Pipe Video Review Memorandum:
  2018 Citywide Pipe Video Report
2018 Citywide Storm Pipe Video Pipe Faults Map:
  2018 Citywide Storm Pipe Video Map