Silver Crest Park Rehabilitation

(June 2022) The City is beginning to work with our design consultant, Bruce Dee & Associates on early design efforts on this project.  Consultation with the City Parks Board is anticipated in either June or July, with design efforts completed by September.  A construction schedule has not been finalized, but is expected to take place in late 2022.


Much of the on-site surveying and evaluation work has been completed, and design work continues off-site.  However, during early design efforts, representatives of the project team may be seen at the park during City business hours:  either continuing walkthroughs (and taking photographs) or using surveying equipment to collect measurements of the park amenities.


The goal of this project is to refresh the existing amenities at Silver Crest Park and improve recreational conditions for existing park features.  This includes a goal to increase Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) access to the play area.

This proposed project would include: repairing/restoring the basketball court and fencing, repairing the existing pathways as needed, repairing and/or replacing existing benches and picnic tables, installing concrete pads for the table/bench areas, and repairing and/or replacing the play area concrete ring, and restoring play area surfacing as needed.

The Silver Crest Park was annexed to the City in 2005 as a part of the Northeast Area Annexation. This .61 acre neighborhood park is located within the Silver Crest subdivision on 28th Drive SE. Amenities include a full basketball court, playground, picnic tables, and a grassy play area. There is currently no irrigation in place at this park.

This project is funded through a combination of City funds, a Snohomish County Parks grant, and a State of Washington Capital Appropriation legislative grant.