South County Fire Annexation Update

South County Fire Annexation Update: Stations and Jobs
Posted on 03/25/2022
Several South County Fire stations are close to Mill CreekBallots will be in the mail next week for the April 26, 2022, Special Election. On the ballot is Proposition 1 asking Mill Creek voters if they want to annex to South Snohomish County Fire & Rescue Regional Fire Authority (South County Fire). 

The City’s current contract for fire and emergency medical service with a different provider expires at the end of the year. If annexation were in place today, South County Fire would be the lowest cost option for property owners.

City officials want residents and businesses to know more about South County Fire. Here are a few recent questions the City has received about the Mill Creek Fire Station and firefighter jobs.

Will any firefighters lose their jobs as a result of annexation?
No, South County Fire and the City’s current provider have promised no jobs will be lost. Firefighters can continue to work for the current provider, or transfer to South County Fire. In fact, both agencies are currently hiring. South County Fire is recruiting 60 additional firefighters, and plans to add a summer academy for training.

How many firefighters will be at the Mill Creek Station?
The Mill Creek Fire Station would continue to be staffed 24 hours a day with the same number of firefighters, paramedics, and apparatus to respond to emergencies.

What happens to the Mill Creek Fire Station?
A condition of the Regional Fire Authority is that annexing cities contribute emergency apparatus and stations to the agency. The City has no apparatus, but the station would become the asset of South County Fire. 

Does South County Fire have other fire stations near the City?
Yes, South County Fire has four stations near the City in addition to the existing fire station in Mill Creek. These stations are located in Martha Lake, Mariner, Hilton Lake, and Silver Firs. 

Do firefighters with South County Fire know the City of Mill Creek?
Yes, South County Fire personnel already respond to calls in the City under a mutual aid agreement. This agreement says that the closest unit responds to an emergency regardless of service territory.

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