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The City of Mill Creek is a Council-Manager form of government. This means that all legislative policy-making powers are vested in the City Council. The council appoints a City Manager to carry out the legislative policies the Council develops. The City Manager is the head of the executive branch of city government.

Martin Yamamoto, Deputy City Manager
Mill Creek City Council adopted a resolution at the November 23, 2021 City Council Meeting appointing Martin Yamamoto to perform the duties of the City Manager while a search is conducted to select a new City Manager.

Before being hired as Deputy City Manager in July 2021, Yamamoto served as the Fiscal Manager for the City of Seattle Police Department from 2014-2021. Yamamoto has over 18 years of experience working in finance, accounting, and key leadership roles in the City of Seattle and the private sector. As a public servant, Yamamoto's management philosophy is driven by two fundamental principles, sustainable growth, and community-centricity. "A City's growth is critical to economic stability, and this means focusing on the needs of residents and businesses while improving on the stakeholder experience," said Yamamoto.
Yamamoto holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, emphasizing accounting from Seattle University's Albers School of Business, and an MBA in Strategy and Management from his alma mater.
Yamamoto is inspired daily by his two teenage daughters and family. In his free time, he likes to travel, exercise, and stay knowledgeable on the economics of the housing market.
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Martin Yamamoto
Martin Yamamoto
Deputy City Manager

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