Muttley Square Binding Site Plan

The Binding Site Plan application proposes an indoor animal boarding facility comprised of six buildings on approximately 2.68 acres.  The proposed development consists of five 768 square foot pet boarding houses and a 1,652 square foot main office along with parking, stormwater facilities, and landscaping with walking paths and a private dog park.  A Category III wetland is located in the center of the site and buffer averaging is proposed consistent with City Code.  Access to the site is proposed from the existing private access drive through the Les Schwab site.

Project Status:  Preliminary Binding Site Plan Approval , Civil Plan Approval and Design Review Board Approval have bene granted.  Waiting on Final Binding Site Plan Approval.

Design Review Board - April 18, 2019
  Staff Report
     Attachment 1 Site Plan
     Attachment 2 Color Elevations
     Attachment 3 Landscape Plan

Hearing Examiner Decision
Hearing Examiner Audio
Exhibit 1 - Hearing Examiner Staff Report
Exhibit 2- Land Use Application
Exhibit 3 - Owner's Letter of Authorization
Exhibit 4 - Project Narrative
Exhibit 5 - Title Report
Exhibit 6 - Tree Preservation Plan
Exhibit 7 - Preliminary Landscape Plan
Exhibit 8 - Geotechnical Report
Exhibit 9 - Traffic Report
Exhibit 10 - Traffic Report Compliance Memo
Exhibit 11 - WSDOT Agreement
Exhibit 12 - Critical Areas Study
Exhibit 13 - Critical Areas Compliance Memo
Exhibit 14 - Water and Sewer Availability
Exhibit 15 - Preliminary Grading and Drainage Plans
Exhibit 16 - Drainage Report
Exhibit 17- Drainage, Clearing and Grading Compliance Memo
Exhibit 18 - Completeness Letter
Exhibit 19 - Notice of Development Application
Exhibit 20 - Technical Review Committee Comment Letter
Exhibit 21 - Fire District Comments
Exhibit 22 - MDNS and SEPA Checklist
Exhibit 23 - Affidavit of Publishing and Posting for Public Hearing