Preserving Mill Creek's History

Thanks to two grants from the Snohomish County Historic Preservation Commission Community Heritage Program, the Art & Beautification Board identified five key themes to incorporate into a visual history of Mill Creek called the Historical Preservation Project.

The interpretive panels outline the City's history from before incorporation in 1983 through 2019 and include the following:
  • Living Off the Land: A look at the area before development.
  • From Farms to a Planned Community: Showcases early settlers and the development of a planned community.
  • The Big Decision: Centers on the decision to incorporate.
  • A Place Called Home: Shares how the City became home with schools, shopping areas and other amenities.
  • Community Beyond Our Boundaries: Showcases what truly makes Mill Creek a community.
The Panels are located on the Main Street Bridge in Mill Creek Town Center. View the five panels (opens a PDF).