Explore all that Mill Creek has to offer by searching and findingGeocaching caches we have strategically placed in fun and exciting areas for the whole family! 

What is geocaching? 
It’s the world’s largest high-tech treasure hunt and a fun way to explore our community! Geocaching is fun for all ages and great for families, friends, and organizations. With a smartphone and a bit of curiosity, you can explore more than 100 caches in Mill Creek.

Treasures in Mill Creek?
One exciting element of Geocaching is finding the hidden treasure or “cache.” The geocache is a type of container which often contains small trinkets. Searching for a geocache can take you to places you might never have otherwise seen, places off the beaten path, and to other hidden gems in our city.

How to get started
The easiest way to begin is to download the free app for your smartphone. After that, you can visit orientation here

Where are the City Geocaches?
We've got numerous Geocaches hidden at the majority of our parks, trails and other notable locations throughout the City. By searching and finding these caches, you'll learn more about our community and opportunities available for year round recreation and more.

Once you have the app, visit our profile page to see a list of our caches.

Download the app 
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Have questions? Visit the Geocache FAQ page.

Geocache Ambassadors

The City has a small group of volunteers who help us keep our Geocaches active and maintained.  If you are interested in volunteering and becoming one of our Geocaching Ambassadors, please fill out a volunteer form here.

Many thanks to our current ambassadors for the work they do:
• Paul Heise - NE region
• Peter Gawecki - SE region
• Greg Grove - Central region

Feedback from Cachers

"The Mill Creek caches have been great from the perspective of taking me places in the city that I would never have gone to otherwise.
Thanks for placing all these the treasures."

Thanks Cityof MillCreek for sharing all these new caches and thanks for bringing me back here.

It's something you often hear from geocachers - I don't think I have ever been to this little park before and never would have known about it if it wasn't for this cache. TFTC!

Thanks so much for placing and maintaining new caches in the area!

Thanks so much for hiding and maintaining this new cache -I am loving exploring the Mill Creek parks via geocaching.