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Business Licenses
All home and commercial businesses operating within the city of Mill Creek are required to obtain an annual business license pursuant to Mill Creek Municipal Code (Section 5.04). Even if your business is outside the city limits, if you are doing business within the city limits, you must obtain an annual business license.

Business License Renewal Applications will be mailed out at the end of December each year and businesses will have until February 15 to renew.

     Business Located inside the City in a Commercial Business Zone District
     Business Located inside the City in a Residential Zone District
     Business Located outside the City

Sign Regulations

Note: The annual fee is based on number of employees.
A one-time $25 review fee is assessed upon initial application for businesses inside the City limits only.

Number of Employees/Fee:
0-3 $25
4-8 $50
9-13 $75
14-19 $100
20-25 $150
26-32 $200
33+ $300

Home Occupation Permits
Home businesses are also required to obtain a one-time Home Occupation Permit. This is a one-time fee.
No outside employees - $50
One additional employee not living in dwelling unit - $100
Please note that home businesses are allowed only one additional employee that does not live at the home.

Home Occupation Business License

Solicitor/Peddler Permits
No Fee. A Peddler Information Form (PIF) must be placed on file at City Hall before any activity is conducted.

Peddler Information Form

For further information, please visit us at City Hall South or call 425-745-1891.