Veterans Monument

An image of Veterans MonumentThe Veterans Monument, dedicated in May 2010, includes a courtyard of pavers surrounding a flagpole centerpiece with six basalt columns engraved with the names of men and women who served in the armed forces of this country. Native plantings in reds, whites, and blues to enhance the natural beauty of the site and monument. Donations by Short, Cressman & Burgess, Clearview Nursery & Stone, NW Bloom, and Ness Cranes as well as countless hours of the Art and Beautification Board and City staff have made this monument possible.

The Mill Creek Veterans Monument honors men and women who gave so much while defending freedom. The monument is an expression of gratitude to those who have served and will preserve their spirit of service as an inspiration for future generations. Their service to this country will forever be memorialized in the basalt columns engraved with name, rank, and branch of service as a symbol of honor.  

An image of the names on Veterans Monument**There is currently no additional space for names at this time. We will reopen the application process once the monument is able to be expanded.**