Creekside West Preliminary Plat/PAD

Aerial of SiteCreekside West Preliminary Plat (Planned Area Development) application to subdivide 1.26 acres into ten single-family attached lots. Associated infrastructure includes parking, stormwater facilities, and landscaping. No impact to the off-site wetland to the east is proposed. Access to the site will be from a private road connecting to 35th Avenue Southeast. Senior Planner Christi Amrine is the staff contact on this project. If you have any questions, please call her at 425-921-5738 or contact her via email at [email protected].

Project Status:  Preliminary Approval has been granted.  Waiting on Final Plat Approval.

Hearing Examiner Decision
Staff Report
Land Use Application
Preliminary Plat
Project Narrative
Drainage Report, Drainage Plan
Traffic Impact Analysis
Geotechnical Report
Mitigated Determination of Non-Significance
SEPA Checklist
Critical Areas Identification Form
Tree Preservation Plan
Water and Sewer Availability Letter
Notice of Development Application
Title Report
Owner Authorization
Recorded Plat
Completeness Letter
Technical Review Committee Comments
Drainage Review Memo
Public Hearing Notice
Public Hearing Affidavit of Publication