City of Mill Creek Spring Performance Survey 2022

We want to hear from you!
Posted on 06/04/2022
Spring Survey
SurveyThe City of Mill Creek is conducting its first annual Spring Performance Survey. The goal of the 2022 survey is to establish a benchmark that will help the City begin assessing the community's overall satisfaction with services, facilities, communication, and more.

"The success of any survey relies on participation; a sizeable response means the data would represent most of our community's views. The better we understand our community, the better the chance we can meet their needs now and in the future, one of our primary goals," said Jody Hawkins, Communications & Marketing Coordinator for the City.

The survey will be available from June 3 to June 30 and is open to all who live and work in Mill Creek.

To take the short 5 minute survey, visit SurveyMonkey