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Business Licenses
All home and commercial businesses operati
ng within the city of Mill Creek are required to obtain an annual business license pursuant to Mill Creek Municipal Code (Section 5.04). Even if your business is outside the city limits, if you are doing business within the city limits, you must obtain an annual business license. 

The City of Mill Creek requires all businesses located within the city limits, or those conducting business within the city limits, to be licensed with the City. 

The City of Mill Creek participates in the State Business Licensing Service partnership. This is a combined licensing system through the Department of Revenue, making it easier, for most businesses, to connect state and local requirements in one annual transaction.

For fast service, apply for a business license at the Department of Revenue (DOR) business page. The Mill Creek business license fee schedule and other important information is located here.  

Home Businesses
Home businesses are also required to obtain a business license with the City of Mill Creek. Please note that home businesses are allowed only one additional employee that does not live at the home.

Solicitor/Peddler Permits

No Fee. A Peddler Information Form (PIF) must be placed on file at City Hall before any activity is conducted.
Peddler Information Form

For further information, please visit us at City Hall South or call 425-745-1891.